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Jimmy Bulge – Lead Vocals 

Rumor has it that Jimmy was raised deep beneath the tunnels of Madison Square Garden, where his father worked during the 1980′s as a lowly stage hand on many of the touring music acts that came into New York City.

Jimmy would often skip school to join his father at work, and here he was privy to the sounds of the greatest 80s rock bands that ever graced the Garden stage. This led to a love for face-melting singing, tights, bright lights, big hair, fog machines and a devotion to the music of the 1980s. “It’s more than a passion or a love for this music,” says Jimmy, “it’s my life!”

Jimmy soon found his way to Hollywood and like any young rocker, ended up singing dead end gigs throughout town before landing the only stable job he could find, valet parking cars for the who’s-who at the Hollywood Bowl. Jimmy Bulge thought all was lost, until one night as he was retrieving a car and singing along to Whitesnake on his walkman.

As he lusciously vocalized through “Here I Go Again” a crowd including Rick Springfield, Pat Benetar, Elizabeth Shue and Scott Baio all rushed to hear the marvelous voice echoing from the Valet line.

Jimmy threw off his valet vest, hopped into a limo with record execs, full of denim and leather-skirted hotties and headed down to the Sunset Strip on a voyage of foolishness called the music business. Cars, women, houses, corporate events, videos, parties, more parties, car phones, women, fame, fortune, wedding reception music and 80s events would dominate Jimmy’s life from now until forever.

Jimmy says himself, “it’s crazy, most people have an alarm clock to wake them up for work, who needs an alarm if you never fall asleep?” Jimmy goes on to talk about his hobbies and how he finds time to relax amidst being the singer of the greatest 80s band in the world and wedding reception band. “I really enjoy working around the house, I just put in a diamond driveway and I added another section to my garage for this thing they call a hovercraft, it looked cool, I’m not really sure what it does?”

Jimmy remains to this day single, never married, no kids he is aware of and maintains that “the Bulge just cant be tamed, besides, there is more than enough Bulge for everyone baby!” Jimmy Bulge was now the hottest thing to hit the rock scene since herpes, and what came next was just the beginning.   



hottoddy“Hot” Toddy Karate – Guitar

Recently elevated from White Belt to Yellow Belt, Toddy chops and kicks his way through face-melting guitar solos. With the discipline of the Cobra Kai Dojo, Toddy Karate has the crowd mystified by his precision of flash and sound. Toddy Karate makes every 80s song sound just like they did 25 years ago, after all the greatest 80s band in the world has to have the greatest 80s guitar player! You wouldn’t know from his awesome and aggressive guitar playing that Toddy Karate is the kind and caring one of the group, always happy to lend a hand or give a kind compliment to a lady. Ask him for the latest demonstration in self-defense and he is happy to show his latest and greatest move. He may be fresh off the All-Valley Karate Championships or you may get lucky and hear the story of his latest defeat of a 9 year old. Toddy always pleases and never teases, when he hits the stage he is all the rage. And if you’re a real good girl Toddy Karate will take that guitar and rock your world!



 Styles Davis – Bass  

He would have you believe there is no greater joy than 80s New Wave Music and the fashion sense to go along. Styles is the resident costumer, shopper, stylist, critic and overall say-so of everything and anything cool that has to do with the fashion, finesse, mystery and style of The Young Guns, the greatest 80s band in the world. You may think Prince and The Revolution are missing their bassist? You may only count 98 Luft Balloons in the sky? You may even pronounce his name wrong, but one thing is always right with Styles, the bass is so funky, the clothes are sexy and the attitude is 100% groovy! One look from Styles and you may fall in love, one note from his bass may have you falling even deeper into love with the most stylish and seductive notes ever heard from a bass guitar. Styles says “it’s easy to be sexy, it’s easy to rock, it’s easy to be in the greatest 80s band in the world. What’s hard is finding time to be normal, but then again, I wouldn’t know anything about that!”

Red Leader – Drums   

Rounding out the band, from a galaxy far, far away, comes Red leader. The legendary drummer of The Young Guns 80s Band, bringing the fire and rage of an X-Wing Fighter shot out of the sky. Many ask how, why, what makes you the drummer of the greatest 80s band in the world? Well, it’s the force that lies within, you are born with it, the force can’t be taught, it can’t be learned and it certainly can’t be tamed. He’s got blazing drum fills, a four on the floor like you’ve never heard before and the force. Yes, the force is strong in this one! Red Leader surges through the epic event galaxy in quest of the Ultimate Party and a rocking wedding reception with an amazing event minded force that will help to lead the most amazing 80s band in any galaxy and in the world!